2015 Audi S6 front

2015 Audi S6 – Changes

Audi S6 for about two decades is available on the market sales now. What will improve the new model is more hp. This, without doubt, the case involves engine with better performance. 2015 Audi S6 will offer a facelift for several types of models. Since from 1999, it follows the second generation of S6. A few years later it came to the third generation with even better performance.

2015 Audi S6 rear

2015 Audi S6 – Review

What we expect of the new model are LED rear and headlights. Also bumpers have been changed and modern stile. With more aggressive look, many customers will gain betters points. Internal modification will not be expected. Engineers are hoping that in a few years will get a newer look. Until then, the system performance for entertainment is promoted. It is also considered a major competitor, so for now do not expect big changes interiors and therefore and exterior. What we expect will be a secret until the date of the exit in the store.

2015 Audi S6 interior

2015 Audi S6 – Engine

Motor S6 will experience minimal changes. Thus, it remains 4.0 l twin turbo V8. It will feature 20hp more in the respective previous model. What is important to note is that the S6 will have a two-part motor. One of it is the Audi RS6 and the other one is the Bentley Continental GT. Acceleration it will be 4.5 seconds for 0-100 km / h.

2015 Audi S6 – Price

New  Audi S6 was introduced in the stores by the end of the year. According to some sources, we expect premiered in Paris Motor Show. Currently are available images of tested S6. They can be seen at the Nürburgring. And what is most important-price? Price for the new model will amount to approximately $72.000. Enjoy in the best and high performances of ride.

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