2016 Honda Freed front

2016 Honda Freed – Release Date

Fred’s Mini MPV (Multi Pupose Vehicle) is model, from the Japanese company Honda. Currently there is only the market of Asia. The vehicle is produced since 2008. Model of predecessor is Honda Mobilio- mini MPV. The first generation was produced from 2001 to 2008, when it was replaced Mobilio Honda Freed. After Japan sales began in Indonesia in 2009. That year he launched the hybrid version, which was available in 2011. In Malaysia began selling in 2010, and Hong Kong and Singapore next year. Honda plans to expand a bit later sold to markets around the world. There are assumptions that will not make it to the US market, because there is a similar model-Honda Odyssey. For now the model Honda Freed will be present only in a few countries in Asia. New generations will receive extraordinary engines, the one petrol and one hybrid. Immediately we can put the objection to limited presence of the Honda Freed only to the countries of Asia.

2016 Honda Freed rear

2016 Honda Freed – New design

New 2106 Honda Freed will be made on the platform of the Honda Jazz / Fit, which will for this purpose be modified. It will use parts of the Honda Fit and Honda Insight- models of the second generation .It is necessary, because the MFA is longer, wider and taller. Vehicle dimensions are: length 166 inches, height 67.5 inches, width of 66.7 inches. Wheelbase is 108 inches. This means that the vehicle will be large will be able to carry 7-8 passengers. It’s expected to redesign the exterior and aerodynamic appearance compared to the previous model. The front of the 2106 Honda Freed will get a new bumper, redesigned mask, new light clusters (headlights with new graphics) and an upgraded exhaust. The rear side will have specific and distinctive look as the previous model. It will be a little “Hotched”, but will get a much larger luggage compartment. Large trunk will allow freight and various goods. In order to facilitate the entry of passengers in the rear seats are integrated automatic sliding door, with remote control. 2016 Honda Freed has systems in case of attempted theft of cars – VTSS and SPC. 2016 Freed will be offered in three versions. With five, seven eight seats in three rows. Thanks to technology “low center of gravity” and a low floor, Freed has a large interior space. Flat floor and roof will create more headroom. Technology “low center of gravity” means a flat fuel tank and other components are set so that a low floor vehicle. The seats can be moved, overlap, or remove them.

2016 Honda Freed – Interior

2016 Honda Freed interior

It is expected that the interior of the 2016 Honda Freed is made from high quality materials. It is understood the presence of the latest technology, comfort and a safe and comfortable ride. For a better sense of driving will take care of Active Lock- Up System. The glass will be a black light in order to protect from UV radiation. For proper temperature in the vehicle is responsible automatic climate control. The instrument panel is visible and easily accessible for the driver. New 2016 Honda Freed has Bluetooth connectivity, iPod, DVD and many Infotainment elements. It is known that Honda attaches great importance to the security of safety of passengers. And the Honda Freed is also present security systems, which include Brake Assist, Electronic Brakeforce Distribution EBD, ABS Anti-lock Braking System, ACE Advanced Engineering Compatibility. 2016 Honda engines Freed-

2016 Honda Freed – Engine

2016 Honda Freed has a standard front-wheel drive and optional drive to all four wheels. The basic model will be powered by 1.5 liter inline engine 4 from Honda’s L series, which is capable of generating 130 hp and 114 Nm of torque. It is available in two petrol versions of G and G Aero. It is matched with a 5-speed automatic transmission CVT, which enables smooth gear changes. The model 2016 Honda Freed will be a Hybrid due to edition of the integrated motor assist unit between the engine and gearbox. It will be offered only in front-wheel drive.

2016 Honda Freed – Price and Competition 

The most serious rival to the new model Honda Freed will be Toyota Innova. New 2016 Honda Freed is expected in showrooms in mid-2015. Starting price will be from about 16 500 to 22500 US dollars. This versatile vehicle, with excellent performance, extravagant appearance and price, simply tempts you to buy it. 2016 Honda Freed is the right family car, with plenty of room for a comfortable ride, with a large trunk for transport and load covered a variety of goods, with folding, comfortable seats, which have headrests. It is ideal for a large family MPV is not it?

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