2016 Honda Ridgeline side

2016 Honda Ridgeline – Review

The first Honda Ridgeline vehicle was launched in 2006. Since then, it gained much popularity among the customers and significant success on the market. The production of the current version will be stopped this year, but the Japanese automakers announced a completely new model in 2016. It should become the number one hybrid in its class on the US market. This small pick-up truck will compete with Nissan Frontier and Toyota Tacoma, as well as upcoming Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon, which will be released in 2015.

2016 Honda Ridgeline front

2016 Honda Ridgeline – Appearance

So far, all known information about the look of the new Honda Ridgeline comes from the teaser sketch released by the manufacturers. The sketch doesn’t reveal much, but we can assume that the new Ridgeline will be longer than the 2014 version. The body will be slightly rounder, especially on the front, and the roof line will be a little longer. It will have four doors and probably will be able to accommodate up to five passengers. It will probably be offered with redesigned wheels. The overall shape of the car will not change, and the unibody platform will remain the same. The new Ridgeline will look more conventional and aggressive than its predecessor.

2016 Honda Ridgeline – Engine predictions

Based on the rumors and various reports, the 2016 Honda Ridgeline will be powered by an Alu block 3.5 L  SOHC V6 engine. It can produce 250 hp. Honda is known for its four-wheel drive system named VTM-4, so it will probably be offered for the new Ridgeline. Transmission will probably be five-speed automatic. As for the hybrid option, it is still in the developing stage. Some reports suggest that the engineers aim for the 30 mpg rate.

2016 Honda Ridgeline – Release date

The new Ridgeline was originally planned for 2015 model year. However, the manufacturers decided to push back the launch a year later. In the official statement, they announced that it will be arriving on the market in the next two years. Estimated price is around $38,000.

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