2016 Nissan Z front

2016 Nissan Z – Nismo concept

Nissan is the third largest automaker in Japan. The company is called “Nissan Motor Company” appears on the Japanese market in 1934. For many years successfully led him Yoshisuke Aikawa. In 1935 the factory in Yokohama comes first Datsun (Nissan earlier assumed the Datsun). She also began production of cars, trucks, buses. Nissan was a relatively small firm may automobile manufacturing when he came into the world market. Nissan makes its debut on the American market in 1958 with a model Sedan and 1200 model truck. During the sixties Nissan will try to conquer the world market sports car SPL version 210. 1960 Nissan established corporation in America. A significant partnership with Yamaha. That same year, the market goes prototype Nissan Fairlady. In 1962, Nissan introduced the Datsun Bluebird with synchronized three-speed transmission. It was introduced in the model Patrol (for the market off-road cars) with an incredible number of horsepower.

2016 Nissan Z rear

2016 Nissan Z is the seventh generation of luxury, sports car Nissan. Let me remind you of previous generations: I generation Nissan 240 (S 30) – sales began 1969 years. They were two models: one for the Japanese, and the other for the US market. II generation Nissan 280 ZX (S130); III generation Nissan 300 ZX (with 31); IV generation Nissan 300ZX (Z 32); 1999 came on Nissan concept; The generation Nissan 350 Z (Z33) and sixth generation Nissan 370 Z (Z 34). Nissan has grown over the years and founded a new company around the world: in the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, Spain. Of importance to the business of the company was the opening of representative offices in Paris (in 2002) and London (2003). Since then, there was an increase in the production of vehicles.

2016 Nissan Z – Design

This is another great model from a wide range of Japanese manufacturers. Auto enthusiasts eagerly anticipating the release of this model to the light of day. Concept car shown at the fair in Tokyo. The market is expected in late 2015. 2016 Nissan Z plans to be lighter,comfortable and with refreshed styling. Expected changes in the front and rear of the vehicle. What will it do better vehicle engines are. 2016 Nissan Z will share a chassis with Infiniti K 50. There are concerns that you can not survive another generation on a platform that is designed for larger sedans. The use of aluminum in making that will affect 2016 Nissan Z is less weight than its predecessor. The line of the body will be aerodynamic. This means easier control, better handling and improved fuel economy. This improves the speed which the vehicle can achieve. For those who like driving fast, it will be a big hit. To create will use the latest materials available in the automotive industry. It is expected that the most advanced technology and a number of systems that make driving safe.

2016 Nissan Z interior

2016 Nissan Z – Powerful Engines

The engine of 2016 Nissan Z is inspired by those located in Mercedes models. The turbo engine 2.0 l with automatic transmission with seven gears. With an output of 211 hp (155 kW and 258 Nm of torque). On offer is a 3.0 liter turbo V6 engine with direct injection that will generate 350 horsepower. It is not confirmed whether it will be a choice of transmission six-speed manual or seven-speed automatic. Sports enthusiasts are thrilled turbo engines.

2016 Nissan Z – Price

It is expected that the price of 2016 Nissan Z will be around $ 35,000. It will be less expensive compared to the competition-Audi TT, Ford Mustang and Camaro Schevrolet. Being present on the US market. The biggest competition Nissan vehicles are: Audi TT, Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang, Hyundai Genesis Coupe. From what we could see and hear the law can be said to be awaiting the Nissan Z extremely vehicle.

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