2016 Toyota Mirai front

2016 Toyota Mirai – Review

Toyota Mirai is the first car in the world that uses hydrogen as fuel. Instead of harmful exhaust gases into the atmosphere will emit water vapor. Hydrogen is used in a fuel cell, in order to produce electricity. In this way preserves the natural environment from pollution, and the maximum cost-effectiveness means. More than 20 years at Toyota have begun to deal with the development of FCV technology (Fuel Ceel vehicle). The first attempt hybrid technology was the model of the Prius in 1997. Toyota Mirai had a first appearance in November 2014 at the Auto Show in Los Angeles, USA. Its Japanese performance Toyota Miray had in mid-December 2014. They were notable performances of cars powered by hydrogen fuel ćelije.U company had planned to annually produce 50 100 cars. After a month of going on sale, Toyota issued a press release. It is claimed that the orders came for even 1500 units of Toyota Mirai. Miraj was launched recently and Europeans at the Geneva Motor Show. The sale will be for now limited to only three European countries.

2016 Toyota Mirai side

2016 Toyota Mirai – Design

2016 Toyota Mirai has a striking and distinctive design. The aerodynamic lines of the car body improves airflow. At the front end are noted for their air intakes. The side profile resembles a drop of water. The impression is low center of gravity, so the vehicle looks like it came from the future. The rear end of the car has a trapezoidal shape, which extends from the license plates, to the wheels. Luxury headlights emphasize the slim profile. LED lights are arranged in-line. Front turn signal lights and parking lights are separated from the headlight. Mirai is supplied with 17-inch alloy wheels. They make a specific process engraving. In this way reduces the weight of the wheels. Body will be produced in six colors. 2016 Toyota Miraj has a futuristic look. Many people do not like. Is this opinion correct, judge for yourself.

2016 Toyota Mirai - Interior

2016 Toyota Mirai interior

Entering in the 2016 Toyota Mirai, you feel that you have arrived right in the future. This is also attributable silver details, soft lining around the neck and comfortable seats. The vehicle is in the form of a sedan with four doors and four seats. The seats are adjustable in eight directions. The driver and front passenger seat has a built-in support for your back. There are three separate color displays, which are placed on the instrument panel. The information center is installed on the bottom of the windshield. Two information centers are located in the center console. Displays information related to Audio Apps. Other information system is located slightly below and shows the climate data. 2016 Toyota Mirai has to offer standard heated seats and steering wheel. Can also be adjusted in temperature and automatically adjust the air conditioning. Nano technology is made purification of air and filling the cabin with fresh air. It affects the skin and moisturizes hair of the passengers. It reduces the intensity of odor in the cabin. Body is even greater strength. The floor is flat and aerodynamic design position lights affect the improvement of stability and reduces wind resistance. Under the vehicle floor there are two bottles of hydrogen. In the front of the car are fuel cell and the rest of the drive system. The cabin is quiet, because the glass blocks the sound on the windshield and the side windows. The vehicle is breaking regime BS (Brake Support), which utilize the power of regenerative braking. In this way, the braking force is improved. With regenerative braking energy is not dissipated but stored, and later was used for propulsion.

2016 Toyota Mirai – Fuel cell vehicle

2016 Toyota Mirai powering fuel cells (TFCS). At the same time technology is used to fuel cell (FCV) and hybrid technology. It is considered more efficient than internal combustion engines. The system uses parts that have been developed by Toyota: fuel cell stack, converter and fuel high-pressure hydrogen. Maximum system output is 114 kW or 155 hp. The efficiency of power generation is increased by means of channels with 3D network. Channels are stored in a three-dimensional grid. Use the grid to generate electricity on the surfaces of cells. The converter has the power to develop a set of fuel cells at 650 volts. Increasing the voltage allowed the installation of small electric motors. In this way, the reduced costs of production. Tank of hydrogen under high pressure (75 MPa) is made of plastic, which is reinforced by carbon fiber. The tank is stored hydrogen, and the time for filling the tank is 3 minutes. 2016 Toyota Mirai has to offer and a hybrid version of: AC synchronous electric generator, the power of 154 horses and 335 Nm of torque. The battery is the type nickel- metal hybrid. Hydrogen can be obtained from various sources such as sewage sludge, the water and natural energy sources such as solar power and wind power. Therefore, it`s known as the fuel of the future. Driving a Toyota Mirai is comfortable and safe, as well as any other vehicle. In addition, Mirai is contributing to environmental protection.

2016 Toyota Mirai rear

2016 Toyota Mirai is made so that the safety of drivers and passengers is a priority. The most important thing is that hydrogen does not leak. In the event of a leak of hydrogen, provided the current detection and blocking of further leaks. Sensors for hydrogen give warning closing the main valve of the reservoir.

2016 Toyota Mirai – Safety Systems

2016 Toyota Mirai has the most advanced security systems. System for preventing collisions – by warning and control brake prevents collision, (or helps to damage is negligible). If the vehicle comes out of its lane, the system for maintenance of movement warns him. Control limits the movement of sudden acceleration. The vehicle has a monitor for blind spots, which uses radar to detect vehicles in adjacent lanes. In this way helps the driver when changing lanes. Honda FCV, also a Japanese car manufacturer, is the most serious competitor to the 2016 Toyota Mirai.

2016 Toyota Mirai – Release Date and Price

Sales of 2016 Toyota Mirai began in Japan a few months ago at a cost of about 57400 US dollars. Demand for the vehicle is exceeding all expectations. It is expected that the European market arrives in September this year (2015).It will be available only in three European countries: Germany, Denmark and the UK. Expected price is around 66 000 euro. On the US market expected price of about $ 57,500 (tax not included). The problem may represent a small number of charging stations for hydrogen.

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