2016 Toyota Prius front

2016 Toyota Prius – Release date

Toyota is planning to release a new member of the successful Prius family. This will be the fourth generation of the model, and the current Prius has been on the market since 2009. The Prius has been a leader in the sales of hybrid vehicles. So, the manufacturers wish to keep this title with the new redesign, better efficiency and environmental friendly upgrades.

2016 Toyota Prius rear

2016 Toyota Prius – Redesign

The new Prius will be given a completely new look, according to the reports. It will be placed on a new platform developed for this model. The exterior will make this car look more sporty and aggressive, but also futuristic. The front side may remind you of the new Corolla model, because of the redesigned grille and headlights. A sunlight top will be placed on the roof. The manufacturers used lighter materials, so the car will be much easier. Also, the hood will be lower than on the previous model, thus improving aerodynamics and handling. Inside there will be room for five passengers. There are no official words about the interior look or the technological features. However, it is expected that the Japanese company will include all the latest trends and technologies when it comes to computer systems.

2016 Toyota Prius interior

2016 Toyota Prius – Engine

Under the hood of the 2016 Toyota Prius there will be a new type of hybrid system. It will be led by 1.8-liter engine, which provides more efficiency, and more powerful battery pack. The fuel economy will be improved by 8% compared to the current model. Emissions of CO2 will be reduced thanks to the use of the lighter materials.

2016 Toyota Prius – price

According to some reports, the new Toyota Prius was initially planned for 2014 release, but the company decided to delay the development because of the financial crisis. It is expected that the sale will begin in the spring of 2015. The price is still unknown, but rumors suggest that it won’t be much higher than the previous mode. However, it is estimated that the new look will not significantly affect the price, since the production costs are reduced.

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