2017 BMW M2 front

2017 BMW M2 – Release Date

This is an outstanding car where M stands for marvelous! The plan for the 2017 BMW M2 is to be a sport vehicle. The company is going to improve it for racing. The BMW M2 is supposed to have better efficiency than M1. It is also expected to be faster. Media from Germany was eager to report that this car is being tested on the most difficult roads and tracks.

2017 BMW M2 rear

2017 BMW M2 – Interior and Exterior

The new BMW M2 is a car for 4 passengers. Some drastic changes are not expected. The car is supposed to have a carbon- fiber roof with aluminum suspension. A sporty interior is going to offer comfortable leather seats and a sport steering wheel. When talking about exterior, some similarities with M235i are expected. They are mostly expected at the front and rear end. It is also expected that this vehicle is going to have lower weight, therefor it will be faster. The front part is predicted to possess a quite aggressive front bumper. The rear end is going to have a pronounced rear diffuser. The vehicle is going to offer the M- style 19 inches alloy wheels clothed in Michelin tires. The fenders are also going to be wider than the ones on the M235i.

2017 BMW M2 interior

2017 BMW M2 – Engine

When it comes to the engine, BMW M2 is supposed to have a BMW’s S55 3.0 liter, a six cylinder engine with a twin turbo power. It is going to deliver 400 horsepower. The car is going to be a manually six- speed vehicle or dual seven- speed clutch auto.

2017 BMW M2 – Price

The actual release day of the BMW M2 is yet to be announced. It is expected that the vehicle is going to be presented at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show in September. People are expecting to see it on sale in 2016. Not very long time after this, the new M2 convertible is going to be offered. The starting price for this marvel is for sure going to be above $60 000.

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