2017 Honda Accord front

2017 Honda Accord – Release date

New 2017 Honda Accord comes in the form of a coupe. It’s successfully sold in Asia, America and Europe. It is a vehicle that has a tradition of about 40 years. It has a large base of consumers globally. . Honda has announced a new model for the US market under the name  2017 Honda Accord Spirior. This model will be available for the Chinese market. Best-selling Honda models in the US are: Honda Civic, Honda Accord and Honda CR-V for many years had primacy Odyssey. New Spirior will run i- VTEC 2.4L petrol engine with 4 cylinders, supported by a direct injection system. The offer is expected V6 engine. Using this engine achieves excellent output performance and reduced fuel consumption. Honda Accord is produced since 1976. The first generation was produced from 1976 to 1981. The second generation was produced from 1981 to 1985. Currently in production is the ninth generation. The ninth generation (started to be produced from 2012), introduced the hybrid version. Honda Accord comes in several configurations: as a sedan, as coupe plug in hybrid and regular hybrid (sedan’s standard form). New 2017 Honda Accord comes with an improved appearance, reduced fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions. In addition, the vehicle will be reliable in any situation, safe and secure. Read about it below.

2017 Honda Accord rear

2017 Honda Accord – Redesign

The line of the body is revised for improved aerodynamics. The front side has a new body lines with sculpted hood. We are expecting an extravagant appearance of the vehicle. At the front end of the vehicle will be located in a completely new light, as well as fog lights and a very impressive mesh like grille design. Fog lights will be highlighted and contribute to a more aggressive appearance of the vehicle. For cars that have higher equipment package we offer bi-xenon lights, and active ACL lights improve visibility during night driving. New 2017 Honda Accord will not change the dimensions, but will have a larger wheel.

2017 Honda Accord – Interior

2017 Honda Accord interior

The interior of the new 2017 Honda Accord awaits us great offer space for the driver and passengers, good instrumentation and innovative safety systems. The car’s interior will be modern (a combination of black and brown tones) and equipped with a variety of technologies. There are leather seats with heating, suitable for long journeys, AC with automatic regulation. Honda Accord has an 8-inch LED screen with all the important information that is important for the driver. 2017 Honda Accord will have a top infotainment system with four surround speakers, Bluetooth and USB connectivity. There are classic trim. The base LX package includes a rear view camera, cruise control, and a telescoping steering wheel. EX and EX-L trim levels include high security systems, such as lane departure warning, blind- spot monitoring, (divided into active and passive blind- spot monitoring). Active blind- spot to monitor the use of an electronic detection device, which is mounted near the outside mirror or near the rear bumper. The device sends electromagnetic waves or computer image processing and analyzing it. If the system notices a vehicle that is too close, usually flashing light that is in the form of peripheral drivers, or signal will sound. Passive blind- spot warning system means “Mirror”. Many will be surprised with this information. Although the cheapest form of blind spot- monitoring, is not far behind the expensive devices. Polls show that respondents gave priority to this particular mirror. It turned out that these special mirrors the same effective and costly systems. From the Touring package include Forward Collision Warning System (FCW) system is based on camera or radar sensor monitoring the road ahead. They provide object recognition and detect relative speeds between a vehicle and objects in the road.

 2017 Honda Accord – Technology and performance

2017 Honda Accord engine

It is expected that the new 2017 Honda Accord run 2.4L engine with direct injection, four-cylinder, connected with eight speed automatic transmission, capable of generating 190 hp. Engineers from Japan in cooperation with experts from Germany and the UK even further dampers in the model Accord. They were improved so that they can adapt to different types of substrates. Shock absorbers (dual mode) at the same time enhance driving stability (on the highway at higher speeds) and ride quality to low quality of substrates. NVH performance with the new Accord is achieved by using higher density foam. They can be mounted around the dashboard and pro hood. Using additional sound insulation reduces noise from the chassis. Reducing noise inside the cabin, contribute and thickened glass. The result is a quiet and comfortable ride without noise.

 2017 Honda Accord – Price

Price for the new 2017 Honda Accord is not determined exactly, the model for 2017 amounted to around 22,000 US dollars. It is assumed that the price range of about 27,350 dollars. It is expected on sale in late 2016.

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