2017 Lexus LF LC front

2017 Lexus LF LC – Concept

Lexus is a division of Japanese automaker Toyota. Name Lexus was created in 1986. The next year (1987) has been approved for production. His debut Lexus L 400 had in 1989. in the Motor Show in Chicago, Michigan. A few months later went on sale in America. In 1990 he arrived on the European market. He was later thrown ES 250, so that shoppers had a cheaper version. When Lexus was introduced significantly decreased sales of BMW and Mercedes. Lexus models are characterized by powerful but quiet motors, quality materials from which they are made. They have a distinctive, appealing and dynamic They look. The interior is sophisticated and elegant. Lexus models are the best selling brand of luxury cars in the United States. By its quality it goes in side by side with the competition (BMW, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar). More than a decade held the primacy of quality vehicles. As a result,  several times winner. A record number of units sold was in 2007. It is a brand which is the most trusted. Today, Lexus is one of the most popular vehicles in the US market, while his fight for the Japanese and European markets is yet to come. Lexus LF LC concept had its debut in 2012. in the Detroit Auto Show. It was more than successful debut. Concept has received rave reviews. Therefore, they decided to start with the production of vehicles. The production version continues the predecessor SC 430.

2017 Lexus LF LC rear

 2017 Lexus LF LC – Design

It is known as the top Japanese perfectionist in everything they do. Years of hard work invested in this vehicle. 2017 Lexus LF LC is spectacular cars. It can be said that the work of art. Seamless appearance, impressive technology and perfectionism in um developed to the basic characteristics of this vehicle. About engines will be discussed later. The greatest changes (in relation to the concept) will have the front end. On the concept of the headlights recessed, and the production model will be projecting. Many have said for such headlamps that are “super” and to give the LF LC dynamic look. On the front is a 3D sculpture, spindle grille. There are also functional air intakes. It is expected that a wide and spacious car with the line of the body that is in trend. The glass roof is expected. The interior 2017 Lexus LF LC is made of a soft composition. It is a combination of smooth leather and suede with accents of brushed metal and wood. Organic shape to create a driver- focused synergy of form and function. Touch screen (Cockpit) has twin 12 inch LCD screen (the screen to provide information and data for navigation). The drivers are able to control the audio system, automatic control. There is a standard set of great features. There is also a CD player with iPod connectivity and Bluetooth.

2017 Lexus LF LC interior

 2017 Lexus LF LC – Powerful engines

It is expected a stronger drive cars with petrol engine and an electric motor. They work together to create more power (4-cylinder petrol engine with turbocharger and front electric booster motor between the transmission and engine). 2017 Lexus LF LC can develop power over 400 hp. With advanced facility LF LC will have a 7 speed dual clutch. His competition is: BMW i8 and the Acura NSX. There are three engines. The first is a twin-turbo V-8 engine SCF. The second is a potent hybrid Lexus LF LC / SCH fruit of a joint project with BMW. It develops strength up to 500 hp. The third engine is a V-8, 450 hp (developing something lower than a hybrid engine).

2017 Lexus LF LC – Price

This vehicle can be expected for two years. It is expected that the price falls out of 100.000-130.000 US dollars. For wealthy US customers this is a fair price compared to what 2017 Lexus LF LC can and has to offer.

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