2017 Vw Scirocco front

2017 Vw Scirocco – Facelift

Volkswagen has something great hidden up their sleeve. It is the next, fourth generation of VW Scirocco. Unfortunately, we will have to wait a few more years to get the experience of driving a 2017 VW Scirocco. Rumor has it that the vehicle will be totally changed and redesigned. Apparently, it will be a sports coupe with a modern appearance, and it will not look like a Golf like the previous models did.

2017 Vw Scirocco rear

2017 Vw Scirocco – Redesign

As previously said, this model will be completely redesigned. The 2017 Volkswagen Scirocco will continue to have four seats. It will also have a very large tailgate and a changeable luggage compartment. However, the head of VW’s design unit has spoken about the redesign. He said that the 2017 model will be more of a sports coupe. The 2017 Scirocco will keep the elements of the current model that make it stand out. Those are the double door body, four seats and striking tailgate. Furthermore, lighter and more flexible components are expected, so that they can suit more powerful engines. As no other details about the design have been announced, we can only base our assumptions on rumors and expectations.

2017 Vw Scirocco interior

2017 Vw Scirocco – Engine

It is known that Volkswagen are planning stronger and more powerful variants for the 2017 Scirocco. The first variant will be 2.0 RSI whose horsepower will be enhanced to 230. It’s torque will also go from current 206 lb/ft to 273 lb/ft. The second option will probably be a 300bhp 0.0 litre turbo with a 4Motion all-wheel drive. Next is the 2.0 TSI with 227 HP and a torque of minimum 258 lb/ft. Additionally, a 2.0 litre diesel will probably be an option. It should have between 148 and 182 HP.

2017  Vw Scirocco: Release Date

The question everyone has been asking is – When will the 2017 VW Scirocco come out. The only thing we can predict about the release date is that it will not come out before 2017. The price is still very roughly estimated between 20,000 and 33,000 dollars.

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