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2017 Lexus LF LC front

2017 Lexus LF LC – Concept

Lexus is a division of Japanese automaker Toyota. Name Lexus was created in 1986. The next year (1987) has been approved for production. His debut Lexus L 400 had in 1989. in the Motor Show in Chicago, Michigan. A few months later went on sale in America. In 1990 he arrived on the European market. He was later thrown ES 250, so that shoppers had a cheaper version. When Lexus was introduced significantly decreased sales of BMW and Mercedes. Lexus models are characterized by powerful but quiet motors, quality materials from which they are made. Continue reading

2015 Lexus GX 460 front

2015 Lexus GX 460 – Price

If you are looking for a family SUV which is safe, comfortable and suitable for long trips, the 2015 Lexus GX 460 may just be the car you were looking for. This is a luxury medium size five door SUV. Its biggest advantages may be size, as its interior space is very well used, and its comfort. Continue reading

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2015 Lexus CT 200h front

2015 Lexus CT 200h – Review

Lexus CT 200h is the second best selling hybrid made under the name of the Toyota’s luxury brand. Only the RX tops the sales of this luxury hybrid hatchback. The first version of this car was presented in 2011, which makes it one of the youngest vehicles today.  Now a brand new model is arriving on the market. Continue reading

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2015 Lexus Rx front

2015 Lexus RX – Release Date

A new model of one of the most popular vehicles in the United States is arriving this year. It is the new 2015 Lexus RX. This brand new model is built using high-quality materials that are sure to last long. This car is a safe SUV that oozes with elegance and practicality at the same time. Continue reading