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2015 VW Touran front

2015 VW Touran – Price

By the end of this year, Volkswagen will have released their brand new 2015 Touran. Fans and future buyers are excited to get the opportunity to try out this car. According to rumors, VW has improved the technologies and features of the Touran and new materials have been used. Continue reading

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2016 VW Polo SUV front

2016 VW Polo SUV – Release date

Volkswagen is preparing for the release of the sixth generation of its famous VW Polo. This new SUV will be based on the popular VW Polo hatchback, which was named the World’s best car four years ago. The new Polo will be set on a new VW platform MQB, which is used on other Volkswagen vehicles, and also by other automakers such as Skoda and Audi. Continue reading

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2017 Vw Scirocco front

2017 Vw Scirocco – Facelift

Volkswagen has something great hidden up their sleeve. It is the next, fourth generation of VW Scirocco. Unfortunately, we will have to wait a few more years to get the experience of driving a 2017 VW Scirocco. Rumor has it that the vehicle will be totally changed and redesigned. Continue reading

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2015 Volkswagen Touareg front

2015 Volkswagen Touareg – Redesign

Volkswagen’s first SUV, and one of the most successful ones in the world, Volkswagen Touareg is getting a new model this year. VW have modernized the image of the car inside and out. Changes have been made to the engine as well. So the 2015 Volkswagen Touareg will be more environment friendly. Continue reading

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2015 VW Passat front

2015 VW Passat – Redesign

We have the latest information on the Passat TDI B8 model from Volkswagen. The new generation of this car will be real refreshment. Volkswagen engines are the most common in the world thanks to its outstanding performance and durability. In addition, these engines are most economical. Every fourth car in the world have Volkswagen’s diesel engine. Continue reading

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2015 Volkswagen Amarok front

2015 Volkswagen Amarok

VW Amarok has had a great success among the lovers of pick-up trucks since it appeared on the market in 2010. Now it is getting a facelift, which will surely raise its popularity, especially on the US market. The new model will come with many improvements regarding the design and performance of this vehicle. Continue reading

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2015 VW Golf R 400 front

2015 VW Golf R 400 – Concept

It is difficult to believe that VW Golf came to its seventh generation. After a forty-year-long tradition of this small hatchback it is still full of surprises. The successor to the popular “Beetle” will have the refined look and sporty handling. New VW models, including the Golf R 400, will be produced on the new MQB modular platform. Continue reading

2015 VW Phaeton front

2015 VW Phaeton – Release date

Although it suffered a failure on the US market, the Volkswagen decided to produce a new model of the Phaeton series. This will be the fourth generation of this luxury sedan. The 2015 VW Phaeton is named after a character from the Greek mythology. Its predecessor wasn’t as successful as expected mainly because it was overshadowed by VW Passat. Continue reading

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